Sunshine Coast Property Investment

Are you an investment property owner in Noosa and Sunshine Beach?

Are you looking for a higher return on your investment or a better property management service?

Welcome to Andari Holiday Apartments. Andari is a small, fully licensed and professional investment property Management Company, ran by passionate locals of Sunshine Beach and Noosa for the last 10 years.

We currently run a portfolio of 14 properties and have managed to increase gross turnover for our owners by an impressive average of 22%.

Sunshine Beach, Noosa - property management by Andari

At Andari we pride ourselves on our service to our owners and their investment properties.

We offer many services that larger property management companies simply cannot. Most notably of these, we offer 24/7 support with your own property manager, pre and post checks after all guests and we take a guest bond upon arrival as insurance. We truly are a very hands on and dedicated team.

We use no contract cleaners and all members of staff live in Sunshine Beach and are on hand to look after your investment and help it grow.

You are our top priority.

In terms of increasing revenue on your Sunshine Beach investment property, we have our own dedicated marketing team which is always working on new strategies and website updates to maximise occupancy.

To obtain maximum occupancy (and maximum revenue for you) we use all third party booking websites (for example, in addition to our own website, and currently enjoy priority on them with great rankings and reviews. It is partly due to our fantastic third party website rankings we have been able to increase gross turnover for own owners by 22%!

The rest is down to good old fashioned customer service and excellent property maintenance!

So why not take the stress out of managing your Sunshine Beach Investment Property, or the stress of your current management company not meeting your expectations, and instead sit back and let us look after your investment and increase revenue?

Contact us to discuss a free consultation about what we can do for you, plus our very competitive rates and charges. You will be very pleasantly surprised!

Noosa Property Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does your property management service differ from the others?

A. This is a big one! There is a plethora of other Sunshine Beach Property Management companies, so it can be a minefield selecting the right one.

  • Our service is totally personalised. We are a small company and therefore have the manpower to cater to each individual holiday property owner.
  • Our staff live locally and we offer 24/7 contact with your own property manager
  • We offer the most competitive all-inclusive fee structure available
  • Reassurance all guests are screened to protect your investment
  • We take a bond as a security deposit from each guest, therefore holding them accountable for any breakages. We also inspect the properties upon arrival and departure, NOT like many of our competitors.
  • We have incredible rankings on third party websites, and have access to all of them. This ensures your property has the highest possible occupancy rate.
  • We have our own team of cleaners, who take great pride in their work. No contract cleaners, no cutting corners – we simply offer a cleaning service of the highest degree and we are incredibly proud of it
  • Guests have a physical reception to go to within office hours and are given great customer service. We have an exceptionally high return customer rate because of this. Customers are booking an apartment – but they have the added bonus of a place to go to for tourism advice and someone to turn to should any issues arise. Outside of working hours, they have an emergency line to call us on.
  • Most repairs and maintenance are done ourselves, which is very cost effective for you
  • We are fully licensed
  • We keep you abreast of any work that needs doing in your investment property and provide recommendations for cosmetic changes.

Put simply, you will receive a better financial return on your property, outstanding service and peace of mind knowing that your property is being maintained and looked after by professionals.

Q. Am I able to enjoy holidays in my property?

A. Yes! Simply send us an email or call us whenever you want a getaway and we will book the apartment out for you. After all, you bought a holiday rental home in Sunshine Beach to be able to enjoy holidays in this little corner of paradise, not just for generating rental income.

Q. What are the cleaning services you offer?

A. All cleaning services are supervised and monitored. We have our own cleaning staff, who are the best in Noosa. We offer full linen service and laundry services. Condiments and cleaning products for guest stays are supplied

Q. What maintenance does your Property Management Company provide?

A. We oversee all issues!

  • Guests have 24/7 emergency access to us and all emergency repairs are therefore dealt with immediately by us
  • We do all fire alarm and safety checks
  • General Maintenance is done by us
  • Aside from pre and post guest checks of your property, we regularly do inventories of everything in your apartment, down to the last teaspoon.
  • We arrange all trades persons required for any job we cannot do ourselves, and oversee the quality of service they provide
  • We pride ourselves on the swift handling of any, and every, maintenance issue.

Q. What benefit does having a reception give me? I’m not the one going on holiday!

A. Having a reception for guests to come to takes the service we provide you up a notch. When a guest is coming on holiday to Noosa they likely don’t know the area, and there is an easy location to find and physical person to talk to about holiday tips and finding your property.

Merely renting your property out doesn’t give quite the same customer service and rapport with guests. Moreover we get to see every guest face to face and hear their feedback and respond accordingly.

This in turn generates more revenue from repeat customers and higher third party booking website rankings. We also get to hear what they think about your property, which in turn gives us ideas on how to improve it.

Andari - Investment Holiday Property Management in Sunshine Beach, Noosa on the Sunshine Coast